Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Johanna Oberto PPJ 2/7/2017-2/14/2017

This week I ran into a hefty amount of technical difficulties. In pulling down the repository for working on the go from my laptop, I found that my computer is too weak to handle the game files. I could open the files, but as soon as the editor was open, I could barely move the mouse on the screen. This isolates me to the lab for working hours. My card has had access issues since the beginning of the quarter that I have brought up and have not been fixed yet, which hurts some of the time I'm able to put in to the project as I cannot get into the URBN building unless someone else is around to let me in. Finally, the repository on my account of the lab computer broke this week and I had to put in a lot of time to fix that. So unfortunately, a lot of time this week was spent mitigating these issues. Otherwise, I reviewed the GDD and created a new swim lane diagram, hopefully with greater detail and with a better concept of what the program is actually doing.
Time spent:
GDD review: 1 hour
Working with repository on laptop: 2 hours
Fixing repository on lab computer: 3 hours
Swim lane diagram and code review: 2 hours
Time spent: 8 hours

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