Monday, February 13, 2017

Mike Cancelosi 2/07 - 2/14

This week I worked on a number of things. First, I created the scoreboard based on Tyler's concepts. It works 100% at this point ( unless possibly if 2 goals are scored within 2 seconds of each other ), animation and all, but I would like to push the visuals a little farther later on in the quarter, or possibly next quarter.

During work on the scoreboard, I played around with chromatic aberration and other post process effects for a couple hours. It's definitely something I want to focus on for some week in Spring, but it was good to get a quick glance at possibilities.

Lastly, I worked on improving the arena shell again, flattening some of the surfaces, making it larger in width and height so there's more area around the goal, and setting up the lights to work with a script.

Pros : Made a lot of progress on visuals
Cons : AI didn't make any improvement this week

Arena : 8 Hours
Chromatic Aberration / Post Process Work : 4 Hours
Scoreboard : 12 Hours +
Color Scheme Work : 1 hour

Total Hours Spent : 25 +

Too much?

1 comment:

  1. I don't think the chromatic aberrations are too much at all! I think the effects could be interesting as a sort of anti-power up if the player isn't careful with their swinging.