Monday, February 6, 2017

Mike Cancelosi Post 1/31 - 2/7

This week, most of my time was spent on furthering the AI and creating the entrance tunnel for the arena.

For the AI, it is not able to return the ball by moving the controller along a spline path. It is a far leap from where we were last week as last week it only caught the ball like 50% of the time. Now it catches it every time ( which will change once we make him "stupid" / imperfect) and returns it convincingly enough towards the goal. What's next is to change the shape of the spline based on what direction the ball is coming from.

The tunnel is coming along as well. Right now it's at a very preliminary stage. I wanted to see if there would be a problem with motion sickness with something like this but nobody felt sick with it so I'll continue with it.

In meetings, we went over the sounds uploaded by our sound guys. We reviewed them and sent our suggestions. We will hopefully be implementing the sounds this upcoming week.

Hours Spent:
AI : 11 Hours
Tunnel : 5 hours
Fixing my Repo : 1 hour

Total : 17 hours

Pros : The AI made a huge leap this week.
           I have some really cool ideas to make the tunnel interesting.

Cons : We need more coders working on the AI

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