Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sanjay Balaji PPJ 2/7 - 2/21

The main focus for me over the past few weeks has been documentation. After our meetings with Salvage, he suggested that we put more focus on this since we were a bit behind in terms of documentation.

While we had worked on a GDD before, Salvage stated that one of the requirements for the CCI side was that we have a SRS (Software Requirements Specification) that lists out specific requirements instead of descriptive paragraphs the way they were in the GDD. The main benefit of having a document in SRS format is that when it comes time to test, we will have specific requirements to test against.

So most of my time was put into converting our GDD into a SRS. We had some feedback from Salvage and some changes were made so that the SRS could be of top quality.

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