Monday, February 6, 2017

Ryan Badurina PPJ: 2/1 - 2/7

It's already week 5 of Winter Term.  God almighty.

While the coders were working on the AI and fixing the repo, I decided to join Cory in creating some set pieces for the future cityscape arena.  While Cory worked on set pieces the player could "possibly" see up close (doubt it given the material we're using for the arena itself), I decided to work on set pieces good for a "background" of sorts; simple, low poly, but good-looking.

The biggest problem for me was the design process.  Because the Sci-Fi setting is so vast and customizable, it's difficult for me (someone who is more of a fan of the fantasy setting) to envision something that can represent the futuristic setting of our game.  These buildings are rather basic in comparison to other sci-fi buildings, being more cubic in shape, but I think one of the main purposes for these models is mostly to be used a far distance from the arena due to their low poly count.

Other things I've done were reviewing the sounds from our Music Teammates with Cancalosi.  Some sound SFX were really good, but others seemed rather "incomplete", so Mike and I wanted to convey that to our sound guys.

  -Weekday Meeting(s): 1.5 Hours
  -Weekend Development Session: 5.5 Hours
  -Music/SFX Review: 1 Hour
  -Arena #2 Buildings:  9
Total Time: 17 Hours

  -Got a few buildings done for our future cityscape arena.
  -Recently left part time job, so for the time being until I find another job, I have extra time to work on schoolwork, including this project.

  -Repo problems over the past week have prevented me from properly importing the models into Unreal for future use.  Next week I'll add the current and future models along with the textures into the game.
  -Buildings took a lot longer to work on due to unfamiliarity of structures and difficulty in design choices.

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