Monday, February 27, 2017

Ryan Badurina PPJ: 2/22 - 2/28

This week was more of a slower week than the last two, but it still gave fruitful results.  With animations for the whip tool complete, we can bring the game to life a lot more than with a static tool mesh.  And unlike last week, I actually was able to record the animations into GIFs!

SC_WhipTool_Anim_Idle:  I wanted the idle animation to bring life to the tool, almost make it sentient and sensing its surroundings.

SC_WhipTool_Anim_ChargeInitial:  This animation plays once you press the trigger and shoot the whip out to grab the ball.

SC_WhipTool_Anim_ChargeHold:  While you are holding the trigger / wielding the ball with the whip.  I wanted to created something that looked like the whip is constantly unstable and would break the tool.  This animation kind of needs more refinement, but I'm currently happy with the current results.

SC_WhipTool_Anim_ChargeRelease:  This animation happens once you let go of the whip and ball to aim directly at your opponent.  I mentioned with the ChargeHold that the whip kind of acts unstable, so the goal with this animation was to release that energy in a contained environment, then reset back to normal status.

Here is an Ionizer Animation.

SC_Ionizer_Anim_ChargeInitial:  Similar concept to the Whip Tool ChargeInitial, but the only difference is the rotation speed of the two sets of wheels.

  -Weekday Meeting(s): 1.5 Hour
  -Weekend Development Session: 4.5 Hours
  -Whip / Main Tool Animations (Continue):  4 Hours
  -Animation Blueprint Setup (Both tools): 3 Hours
Total Time: 13 Hours

  -Animations for the Whip Tool are done and imported into UE4.
  -The Animation Blueprints work similarly to regular Blueprints, so it didn't take very long to adjust from Standard BPs to Animation BPs

  -The Animation Blueprints for both the Whip Tool and Ionizer are somewhat incomplete.  I'm unable to fully understand which Blueprint Node will allow me to get the transitions working for "Trigger Pull" and "Trigger Release," as the animations need to play once the trigger button has been pressed/held down.  I need to talk with the coders on this.
  -I accidentally created a branch path on the repo because I wasn't aware that someone imported the sound effects while I was re-importing the animations and files into the project.  I need to fix this before I can make any other changes or additions
  -Because of said issue with the repo, I wasn't able to go in and update the player platform material to differentiate the teams you can select (Red or Blue Emmisive, Team Nametag, etc.).  I didn't want to screw more stuff up than what I already did, so I'm refraining from touching the stuff I imported into the project until I get this fixed.

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