Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Team PPJ 2/22/17 - 2/28/17

This week, a lot of progress was again made on the hero assets as well as the outside environment. The ball now has a new model, the player tools got some new glowy textures, and the outside environment has some fancy new updated buildings and arena seating, complete with an audience. As well, the scoreboard was updated to actually display the proper score.

Tool model: texture 1.0

Ball 2.0

Gravity whip idle anim

Gravity whip extend anim

Gravity whip retract anim

Gravity whip hold anim

Shadow circuit square format logo

Simple cyberpunk buildings

Arena seating 1

Arena seating 2

Arena seating 3

On the coding side, the AI was worked on to improve how it determines when/where to swing the whip. This resulted in the AI actually scoring on a couple of occasions, but there were some hangups and bugs that arose.

  • Lots of tangible visual updates
  • Continual AI iteration
  • Some visual elements are falling behind
  • AI bugs
  • Some members had git/build issues :(

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