Monday, February 27, 2017

Tyler Schacht PPJ 2/21/17 - 2/27/17

This week I was working on the logos once again.  Stefan gave me some insight on the square design and then gave me some tips that I could try.  Aside from that I worked on some buildings that will be far in the background.  Mike Cancelosi also had me create some 3D text models, so I had to find a font that was 100% free and the numbers would read well at a glance.

Total Hours: 5 hours
- Logo Redesign: 3 hours
- Buildings: 2 hours

Positive: I think the logo is much clearer and ties in a bit better with the horizontal logo.
Negative: I really need to do more work.  I feel like I do a lot more until I write it down on the PPJ.

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