Monday, March 6, 2017

Andrew DiNunzio PPJ 2/28 - 3/6

This week, I first worked on fixing the issue with the “dead ball”. It now ricochets off Arena shell.

I also implemented a countdown timer with Cancelosi and DiLucca. This just shows welcome text then an animated countdown before finally spawning the ball and saying "Go!".

I made it so tools can now be activated/deactivated.

Finally, I added a radial force when goal is scored to prevent ball from bouncing back into the net again (force pushes ball to the outside and out)

Time spent: Total: ~20 hours

  • 8 hours - work on fixing "dead ball"
  • 4 hours - worked on countdown timer and game initialization. Also added activation/deactivation support for Tools
  • 8 hours - Added radial force for when goal is scored to prevent it from bouncing back into net.

  • Ball doesn't "die" nearly as often
  • With countdown, game seems a bit more official, but needs work
  • Radial force after goal isn't always perfect and need some tinkering.

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