Monday, March 6, 2017

Cancelosi Feb 28 - March 7

This week we did a lot in terms of beautifying our game loop. First we created a little intro sequence that counts down and reveals the ball so it gives a time to take the scene in. I created a texture that highlights each ends of the arena when a goal is scored so that it is more obvious to the player. I also created a post process material that creates an outline of the ball even when it is occluded. This is all in hopes of improving quality of play and to help the player understand what is going on. I continued on sounds this week, but we are waiting on our sound guys for the last batch of sfx so that'll be continued into next week.

I reptopologized the energy pods for the ball,  so after everything is unwrapped I can start texturing. Right now it's not really a priority, most likely it'll be finished over Spring Break or the first week of post production.

wannabe lightsaber
ball occluded

Ball outline

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