Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tyler Schacht PPJ Feb 28 - March 7

This week I unfortunately haven't done nearly as much as I should've done.  The team has been having some odd issues with Git, some aren't able to get on.  So, I don't want to start pushing art assets onto the Git and have the build get messed up.

I have some plans for a bug reporting system in the works that I will be working on in the coming week, along with some other design issues that arose like the Ionizer tool UI.

I worked on a bit of the textures for the background assets.  I'm trying to keep them generally simple since the player will barely see them in the far distance.

Total Hours: 2 hours
 - Planning for bug report: 1 hour
 - Texturing & UVing: 1 hour

Positives: None really for this week.

Negatives: I really slipped up this week.  In the coming week I hope to get a lot more done.

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