Monday, April 10, 2017

Cory Zicolella PPJ 4/4 - 4/11

This week was rather straightforward; I cloned and remade the Playtest survey to our current needs, after getting some questions from the team that should be placed on there.  Rather straightforward, just a time sink.

I also updated the changelog and WIP.  Admittedly, not much was changed between week 10 and now, because we had to get ready for steam and it's release, followed by a week of break.

There wasn't much I managed to do aside from this; I plan to look into more sound sourcing on  the side, and doing the outer environment textures, as well as keeping the playtest survey up to date.  However, getting used to my 17 credit schedule compared to my 12 last term proved a bit difficult, and I had to run all over the place to get homework done and obtain the required class material.  Hopefully it'll go more smoothly and productive next week.

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