Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Team PPJ 4/11 - 4/18

This week, the DIGM team is back in the saddle in full swing. Several critical assets have received updates and attention that they sorely needed. We created some cyberpunk billboards for our outer city, the AI model gained a new, updated model, the UI is being rebuilt with Unreal 4.15's new functionality, the player platform material has been updated, and the transition between main menu and arena was improved. All in all, a productive week for the DIGM side.

The CCI side is focusing on documentation as well as performance updates. Since the transition to 4.15.1, we've noticed that our framerate took a serious dive. The DIGM and CCI side spent a good amount of time investigating this and hopefully we'll have it running at a silky-smooth 90fps by the time the showcase rolls around.

Here's a nice compilation of images from this week:


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waffle man

choose your fighter

in russia, tv watches you

Going forward we'll be continuing to polish our art assets as well as address performance issues.

Also, if any of you senior project people are reading this, we're demoing our project at VR club tomorrow in the Mocap room, 9pm. Come try the game and fill out an exciting survey!

  • DIGM team was very productive this week
  • Exact causes of performance drops are still unclear

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