Monday, April 10, 2017

Team PPJ: Spring Break through Week 1

During spring break, our team took a much-deserved rest. Post-Steam-release, we decided as a team to take our hands off development over break in order to allow our game to accumulate feedback and provide us a rough roadmap for areas that need the most attention for polish.

Upon coming back to school, productivity has been mixed. We have updated to Unreal Engine v4.15.1 in order to take advantage of some of the new VR features introduced in this new version. Our CCI team kicked into high gear with documentation, as they have a large document due relatively soon. The DIGM team was slower to start, with one of the reasons given being the need to adjust to a new class schedule. It's not my place as a Team PPJ to judge these reasons. However, most of the DIGM team know what they need to do going forward, and are planning to return to the grind this week.

Overall, not as productive as we would have liked, but we know what needs to be done going forward.

  • Everyone is well rested from break
  • Our game is still on Steam and you can buy it
  • DIGM team was slow to get back into the groove
  • Productivity was lower that hoped

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