Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tyler Schacht 4/11-4/18 PPJ

This week I spent a good amount of time researching 3D widgets to find out that isn't exactly what I was looking for (guess I had pretty bad Google searches...).  I was actually looking for Widget Interaction Components.  I spent about an hour going through smaller things of what I can do with it.  Apparently you have to draw out the widget at 1080p if you want to view ALL of your buttons, text, etc., no exceptions.

I made some (very) quick mock-ups of potential new ways to do our main menu.  The previous one was sort of a temporary solution (unless we couldn't get 2D UI to work.. then it would've become permanent).

Total Hours: 4 hours
- (Useless) Research: 2 hours
- Mock-ups & Testing to see if the system works well: 2 hours

Positives: Finally did something, albeit minor.
Negatives: The work put in was minimal.

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