Monday, May 1, 2017

Cory Zicolella 4/24 - 5/2 PPJ

This week I put my foot on the brakes slightly, as I had other work stacking up from the increase in production over the past couple weeks.  If my predictions are correct, all my other class work should start to taper off in another one or two weeks, allowing me more time to allocate towards the project.

That being said, this week I did alot of background work.  Firstly, I created the post on the Shadow Circuit game page, which took about an hour of my time to get the correct language and being able to fill in the gap of time where the team hasn't responded to those who have paid for the game.

Following this, I did alot of work researching the possibilities of screen printers for shirts, when it comes time for that.  Better to get the research and decisions in earlier, rather than later, and leave time for shipping.  That took three hours and I made a spreadsheet of it all for internal use.

Then, the last thing I did was I created one more ad, using a combination of new media and old matte paintings from around week 2 of term 1.

Even though I know I did less this week, I still felt productive, and I think that's important to keep morale high and productivity going through these last several weeks.

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