Monday, May 1, 2017

Daniel Ingman 4/25 - 5/2 PPJ

This week I didn't get a lot done. I continued exploring substance painter and I did make progress, but I had to re-UV the AI model in order to prepare it for an animated face texture and besides that it was slow progress on the textures themselves. In addition, I had a larger-than-usual amount of work from other classes this week which most definitely drained me of free time (that and Subnautica).

Next week I'll be pushing hard to finish and implement the textures for the AI and player tools.

Total time spent: 8
  • AI texture work: 2 hours
  • AI UV rework: 2 hours
  • Tool texture work: 4 hours
  • I got some work done

  • I felt very unproductive which ain't good for morale

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