Sunday, May 21, 2017

Daniel Ingman PPJ: 5/17 - 5/23

This week I implemented the new tool textures into the build. They're nice. They have glowy bits that shine in the darkness.

Controllers in-engine

Material network (almost done, few more maps to put in)
They are currently playable in-game, and within the next few days will switch to correspond with the team that the player selects. Right now the tool takes a colorless default team color.

In addition, our team spent a great deal of time recording new footage for our presentation. It will be far nicer to have up-to-date footage as well as synced footage of the player in-game.

Finally, I spent what little time I had left making our showcase poster look cool.

Total time spent: 16 hours
  • Final textures and implementation: 6 hours
  • Recording footage: 6 hours
  • Final Poster Design: 4 hours
  • Tool textures finally in
  • Recorded a wealth of new footage for our presentation
  • Recording footage took far too long
  • Git issues/build issues
  • So much to do, so little time

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