Monday, May 29, 2017

Mike Cancelosi PPJ: 5/23 - 5/30

This week I did some polishing, quality-of-life iterations to the game. For instance, spinning the audience, fixing the ball textures, and helping others implement art into the game. We, unfortunately, spent some time trying to fix the repo after breaking it, but that's bitbucket for you. Also, we shrunk the stadium as we had received a lot of feedback that says it is too large.

Hours Spent:10 hrs

Pros: Got done a lot of little things that needed to get polished.
Cons: Lot of bugs/bug fixing.

-------------------POST MORTEM----------------------

Can't believe we are already here. What a year.

I think Senior Project was a tremendous success. I do not feel as if I wasted my time here. I learned a lot and am excited for what's next. All I needed was a portfolio piece out of Senior Project, and I feel as though I have a great one. There was a lot of work done, and I think it shows!

Steam! We got our game on Steam. I think that's something to brag about ( which I absolutely will to future, would-be employers.)  While our Steam build needs to be updated, I think the game needs to further improve before I start trying to apply. I feel as if the game is in between a great and amazing piece and I think a summer of work will bump it up. 

I think the best decision we ever made was to under-scope. Every project I've had at Drexel was over -scoped. People wanted to focus on world building and storytelling but never attempted to make the game fun. We made the time for iteration, and that's what really made the difference. For Shadow Circuit, we spent the time to prototype, and honestly, that made it all the better. While I'm glad for the game we got, I still wish have tried other ideas; namely the pirate ship battle game, and the one where the player would control a miniature army on a table. I think those were cool ideas worth taking another look at. 

For the first time at Drexel, I really felt like I was designing a game. And that was awesome, thanks team.

Of course, there were things that we could've done better. Namely, time efficiency. On our Sunday meetings, everyone would get there at around the same time, but would'nt really have a plan. We'd spend a lot of time talking and warming up, and once we did we'd get sidetracked. With Sundays, both sides of the team would be there, so it was 10 people in the room. This was not always needed, and more often than not, a couple people would work while everyone else sat around talking and waiting for something to do. I think if we had kept doing the biweekly scrum updates where everyone is specifically assigned something, we would have gotten more done. There were many weeks where I didn't know what someone had been doing, or if they been doing anything. 

There was a lot of time getting used to the new software. This was expected, but there were a few times that well into production, I'd find out a coder doesn't know how to a very basic part of the engine, or an artist doesn't know how to upload to the project. 

All in all, I'm proud of what we got done this year, and I look forward to working on Shadow Circuit more... after a small break. :)

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