Monday, May 1, 2017

Ryan Badurina: 4/25 - 5/1 PPJ

Welp, midterms came around faster than I thought.  Back into the grinder.

My weekdays were spent working on assignments for other classes such as Digital Media Seminar and Social Problems, while I spent half of my weekend taking a much needed vacation away from school and away from Family problems.  I needed to clear my mind and become fully ready to finishing the last few weeks of the term.

I did look into the Goal Materials, and the naming structure is currently a mess, as it's difficult to tell where each material is and what it holds.  However, I was able to dissect some of the Goal Materials (which uses a few) and find the pieces that allow me to alter the color of the various parts.  I'm still trying to work with the inner goal material, but I was able to get the outer goal material ready for when we program team colors into the game.

Original Material.

Dissected Location for Team Color changing.

In level results.

Again, not too much progress on my end, unfortunately, but there is progress being made, and the goal looks a lot more pronounced that it had before.

  -Arena Goal Material Update: 4 Hours
  -Team Color Changing Research:  1 Hour

Total Time:  5 Hours

  -Steady progress is being made despite the business of the term.

  -Still busy as usual after f---ing up my credit count.  I blame Drexel for not being specific in regards to Co-op credits...

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