Monday, May 15, 2017

Ryan Badurina PPJ: 5/9 - 5/16

A lot of work done, yet in the end UE4 f---s me over.

So, after much debate, we needed to find ways of recording in-game footage without using the Player Camera.  I was able to record the actions of the "Actors" of the scene using the Sequence Recorder and effectively create a "Replay" of the gameplay for use in cutscenes.  For our case, we would use this feature to get real-time gameplay from camera angles other than the player, something we were hit with in the past.

Unfortunately, I spent much of the past two days trying to get the recording to work, yet Unreal isn't linking the cinematic camera as the main output camera.  Sometimes when I try to capture video the engine crashes, and the most recent crash actually corrupted the project, pushing my work back and forcing me to delete it for redownload from the server.  If I had proper images to help convey my progress I would, but unfortunately the crashes removed much of my progress of what I hoped to accomplish.

  -Record Gameplay with Sequencer: 1 Hour
  -Edit Recorded Gameplay for Export: 4 Hours
  -Attempt to Export Gameplay to video file: 3 Hours
  -Presentation Work and Rehearsal:  2 Hours

Total Time: 10 Hours

  -We have a means of recording in-game footage without using the player camera.

  -Sequencer hates me for trying to render out stuff it doesn't like and crashed my project in the process.  Set back until I'm able to properly record footage.

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