Monday, May 8, 2017

Ryan Badurina: 5/2 - 5/9 PPJ

I'll be honest.  This week was chaotic.

Midterms happened with many of my classes, some in person and some online, some in the form of project-based homework, so all of my time was spent in other classes rather than with Senior Project.  I was able to work with my teammates on some presentation work, but that is about it.

Side Note: Creating locomotion animations for game engines is VERY time consuming.

  -Showcase Presentation Draft: 2 Hours

Time I would have wanted to spend:
  -Asset Material Updates: 3 Hours
  -Code Team Color Changing to Objects: 4 Hours

Total Projected Time: 9 Hours
Total Actual Time:  2 Hours


  -Midterms.  Nuf' said.

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