Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Team PPJ 4/25 - 5/2

In terms of productivity, this week was mixed. Some members of the DIGM side were more productive than others, but some experienced a notable lack of progress this week. Some were due to midterms and others were probably fighting aliens or something. Regardless, this week was subpar in terms of productivity.

Next week we plan to make an executive decision whether or not the ionizer will make it into our showcase build. If it's not feasible to include it then, we will be pushing its addition to a later date, post-graduation. There's enough code there that it could be an interesting mechanic, but there are still critical VFX and sound assets that need to be implemented in order to allow it to function properly in gameplay, and with much of the DIGM team hard at work on other high-priority fixes the fate of the ionizer looks grim. Tomorrow's meeting will be where we make our final call on the ionizer.

CCI-wise, there has been good progress. Performance is back up, documentation is being steadily produced (including a brand-new test document), and AI adjustments are being addressed.

We plan to partner with VR club in the next two weeks in order to gather more feedback.

  • Good work on the CCI side this week
  • Subpar work from the DIGM side this week

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