Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Team PPJ: 5/2 - 5/9

A common theme this week amongst the DIGMs was that of midterms. It was week 5 so it was to be expected but yeah, that's a big thing that happened. It meant that people who were usually more productive found themselves a bit less so than usual.

What did get done was good work though. We had been having issues with the collisions between the ball and the arena, and we were able to work out a slightly jankytm solution that ended up taking care of that issue. In a related area, a couple CCI members worked on adjusting the physics of these collisions in order to prevent dead balls.

A large amount of billboards for the outer environment were made and implements and they just look darn good. As well, the textures for the AI and tools are near complete.

We were able to get in touch with and meet our sound dudes, and they are on board with our timeline and should have some more sound effects in the next couple of weeks.

Overall, a slower week than usual. However this week is going to be a busy one in order to make sure we have good stuff to show to the faculty.

  • Moderately productive
  • Sound dudes on board
  • Midterms

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