Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Team PPJ: 5/9 - 5/16

This week was a pretty productive week all around. Our biggest priority was nailing down a better way to capture footage of our game that doesn't involve shaky headcam. Spoiler alert: this is pretty damn hard to do and there's practically no resources on how to do it. We're pretty sure we've arrived at a solution using Unreal's sequencer tool, which is usually used to record cutscenes/cinematics (but we could easily repurpose it for our needs).

On the coding side, an "easy mode" AI was created in order to allow the player to select difficulty levels, and it's now possible to score against him as he won't grab the ball %100 of the time. The main menu also got some work done, and it's coming along nicely.

Going forward we'll be working full time on recording gameplay footage and people actually playing our game in the Vive in order to deliver the best presentation we can.

  • Good work done
  • Didn't have sequencer solution figured out in time for the presentation

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