Monday, June 5, 2017

Ryan Badurina PPJ: 5/30 - 6/6

So, not a lot happened workwise this week, especially if you've seen some of the other posts.
Overall, while I did look for a little bit at the various audio files to see which ones would work, I ultimately had to put them to the side because of priorities with 1) other classes and finals, 2) do some job searching, and 3) spend the weekend with my team just being casual and having fun.
I think it's safe to say that not much work from many of us was done regarding the game, but I think after working straight through for the last 9 weeks, we did kind of need this break.  We haven't had a team-based relaxing day for quite a while, and we wanted to use our regular meeting day to spend it together before graduation.
Over the next week if time permits I'll look more fully into the audio files and see how I can implement those into Shadow Circuit.  But for now, since our current build is pretty much locked down for this term, we can focus on finishing up Drexel with bright smiles and knowledge that we will definetely continue this in the future *cough* without the annoying deadlines *cough*.
    -Audio Implementation: 1 Hour
    -Presentation Practice: 2 Hours
    -Team Bonding Time (Squeee!):  8 Hours
Total Time: 13 Hours
    -Got to bond once again with the teammates without a care in the world.
    -Graduation approaches, and with it freedom (but also loans).
    -Aside from the team being separated due to home distances, nothing else.

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