Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Team PPJ 1/23/17 - 1/31/17

This week, a lot of time was spent on promotional material and logo updates, as well as updating the GDD to reflect recent gameplay updates. Unfortunately, there was a lack of progress on the 3D art side, which is arguably the area that needs the most work.

On the positive side, we found a decent last-ditch solution that allowed us to keep all the work we spent on our team logo, and were able to convert it to a high-detail vector image. While this solution is not ideal as a permanent workflow addition, it worked well in this instance. Going forward, we will be using Illustrator for all logo-design purposes.

Our promotional poster is off to a good start, and most team members approve of the minimalist design. There are a few other ideas floating around but this one is the most developed.

Going forward, a lot of time will be spent finalizing our 3D art assets in preparation for next week's mid-beta presentation. We're hopeful that we'll be able to show our new gameplay elements in action soon.

  • Promotional material off to a good start
  • GDD received thorough updates
  • Nearing implementation of exciting new gameplay elements
  • Lack of 3D art progress
  • Slow work week
  • Raster to Vector snags

Daniel Ingman PPJ 1/23/17 - 1/31/17

This week I spent time working on the promotional material for our game as well as drafting out more ideas for a proper logo. Going forward I hope to have finalized logo idea in proper vector format as well as updated promotional material.

Logo designs 1

Logo designs 2
Logo Draft MK3

Logo Draft MK2
Poster MK1
  • Cohesive logo ideas
  • Time management issues

Total time spent: 15 hours + meetings
  • Game logo sketches/brainstorm: 4 hours
  • Game logo mockups: 4 hours
  • Promotional material mockups: 7 hours

Monday, January 30, 2017

Tyler Schacht PPJ 1/23 - 1/30

This week I was in a rut.  I didn't do too much this week in terms of production for the project.  I did, however, work on the website a bit more and created our Press kit page which has quite of the needed information.  There are some issues, I wasn't too sure what to put for the description of team and game.  I can describe the game and our team, but I'm not sure if my description will be the best.  I also made a graphic for the GDD, not too special, but its something I did.

GDD Graphic

Total Hours: 17 hours
- Press kit site: 8 hours
- GDD Graphic: 1 hour
- Meetings: 8 hours

Positive: I have the basis of the press kit in place.  Only thing left is to really add in the imgs and videos and the press kit is complete.

Negative: I still kind of feel like we are on Winter Break and it is taking me too long to get back into the swing of things, hence my lack of work.

Cory Zicolella PPJ 1/23 - 1/30

Well, this week was rather straightforward. It was pretty simple compared to other weeks, but I still accomplished things that needed to happen.

Half of my work was done during a group meeting, where I doodled about ideas and though about logos for our Game itself, as well as some troubleshooting for our team logo.  That was all completed eventually, and the ideas sparked other conversations, and so on.

Later, I did some modeling on a possible 'stage' setting ,for outside the arena.  It isn't too fantastic yet due to multiple issues on my end with particular Maya tools; they didn't want to behave, as per usual.  This hampered my progress by a ton, and I went through multiple stage revisions, but eventually, I've settled on something: http://prntscr.com/e2ifrz

That was the majority of my work for this week (at least up until writing this post).

As a bonus: I forgot to include this in my PPJ from last week, this is the attempt at mixed reality that we made (and ultimately didn't use) -- just one clip of many.

Andrew DiNunzio PPJ 1/23 - 1/30

This week I spent some time working with some of the other coders on the AI. We were trying to figure out ways to make the AI swing the ball. We found that what were were reaching for was out of scope for this project, and we will have to "fudge" the physics a bit when the AI is using the tools to make it a bit easier for it to behave well.

I spent some time trying to explore the possibility of networking, but after a short time, I concluded that that's not going to happen. Physics simulations don't work well over a network, and our game is heavily reliant on them.

Finally, I worked on the GDD, trying to update it with information about ionizing and the Ionizer Tool.

Time spent: Total: ~15 hours

  • 5 hours - Learning about AI behavior trees in Unreal and trying to get the AI to swing the ball when grabbing it with the Gravity Whip.
  • 5 hours - Work on GDD
  • 5 hours - Tried out some networking stuff

  • I have a better understanding of how Unreal Engine uses Behavior Trees and Blackboards.
  • The GDD is in much better shape
  • One distraction is now out of my mind - I'll no longer put energy/time into making networking work
  • Didn't complete all desired features for the week, since I was exploring alternatives

Mike Cancelosi 1/23-1/30

This week I got the rail surrounding the arena to "track" the ball. Right now the art is just placeholder, the actual code works completely. The idea is to have a ball icon follow the ball around as a hologram so the ball is easier to keep up with and add some visually appealing feedback.

I was also part of the discussion for furthering the AI, in particular how to fake the AI using the whip. Some of the other coders are going to help out on the AI so I might pivot away and towards improving game feel and visuals.

Tracker Asset : 10 hours+
AI: 2 hours
Total : 12 hours + meetings

Pros : I got the tracker done fairly quickly.
Cons: AI didn't get worked on other than planning

Ryan Badurina PPJ: 1/24 - 1/31

This week has been mostly busy on the programming side, but the art team including myself have been busy figuring out design ideas for our Ionizer tool and iteration of our basic grapple tool.  However, with the need for promos, I took up the honor of trying to convert our "company" logo into a vector format.  The big problem though, was that our logo was originally a rasterized PNG in photoshop, and it was a very detailed PNG.

Much of my time was spent figuring out an easy way to convert the image over into an AI Vector format.  Now, Adobe Illustrator has a built in "Image Wrap" function, but that gives mostly "questionable" results, and not the results we need for our logo.

After some searching, I was able to find a means of easily converting rasterized PNGs into SVG Vector files.  The end result after the conversion process?  This.

Pretty impressive, and almost one-for-one, if I do say so myself.  And because why not, here is the transparent version.

Once the conversion was done, I went in and polished a few things here and there to get this look similarly to our original design.  Took a little bit (and a ton of searching), but I myself and the others are happy with the results.

Other than that, I spent a little bit of time iterating the wall a little more just to make sure everything looked good.  In the coming week I'll be re-importing the wall into our game and making adjustments accordingly, along with importing the the platform pieces into the engine.

  -Weekday Meeting(s): 1.5 Hours
  -Weekend Development Session: 5.5 Hours
  -Main Menu Wall Iteration: 1 Hour
  -Logo Vector Conversion: 3 Hours
Total Time: 11 Hours

  -Found a way to easily convert raster PNGs to Vector images.  Hurry for time savers!

  -Rather slow week on the Unreal Engine side as we prioritized getting promos done.  There will be more work for next week on the 3D modeling side.