Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Team PPJ 2/28 - 3/7

This week we spent a good deal of time working on the backend of our game as well as adjusting various visual features.

A big issue we had been experiencing was the "dead ball," where a ball would lose velocity and effectively become stuck in zero gravity, with no way to retrieve it. This was fixed by adding a collision force to the arena, so that every time the ball strikes the side it adds force, rather than allowing it to stagnate.

In addition, work was spent "beautifying" the game loop and making it functional and pleasing to experience. An outline was also added to the ball to aid visibility.

Finally, we as a team are prepping for a very exciting phase of our project, which we will reveal very soon. Morale is at an all-time high.

Going forward, we will be working to make sure all planned features are functional for beta phase, so that Spring is all polish.

  • Rapidly progressing to Beta
  • High-team morale
  • Various teammates had illnesses that prevented them from meeting
  • Something about the Nintendo Switch?

Daniel Ingman PPJ 2/28 - 3/7

This week, I spent most of my time on administrative tasks. There's a large task that we've been working on behind the scenes that we will talk more about when the time is right, but it required a lot of time spent creating more supplementary promotional materials.

Other than that, I spent a bit more time refining the materials for the tools, which will be included in our next build.

  • Got a good amount of work done
  • The Nintendo Switch came out
  • The Nintendo Switch came out
Total time spent: 10 hours
  • Tool textures: 6 hours
  • Admin work: 4 hours

Tyler Schacht PPJ Feb 28 - March 7

This week I unfortunately haven't done nearly as much as I should've done.  The team has been having some odd issues with Git, some aren't able to get on.  So, I don't want to start pushing art assets onto the Git and have the build get messed up.

I have some plans for a bug reporting system in the works that I will be working on in the coming week, along with some other design issues that arose like the Ionizer tool UI.

I worked on a bit of the textures for the background assets.  I'm trying to keep them generally simple since the player will barely see them in the far distance.

Total Hours: 2 hours
 - Planning for bug report: 1 hour
 - Texturing & UVing: 1 hour

Positives: None really for this week.

Negatives: I really slipped up this week.  In the coming week I hope to get a lot more done.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Ryan Badurina PPJ: 3/1 - 3/7

Rather slow week in regards to game development, but mostly because I've been busy completing assignments for other classes.  If anything, the work I'm doing at this point is polishing, making things meant to enhance the experience, etc.  The Team Plate is one such asset meant to enhance the experience.  Depending on the team the player chooses before the match, a plate will spawn on the player platform that will represent the team brand they chose.

It's a basic b----.

Nothing too spectacular, but it gets the job done.  I didn't want to make it too big and make it look like it gets in the way of the player, but also not too thin because then making it would have been pointless.  We may need to squish the plate a bit in the engine, but for not the model is a good in comparison to the platform and player.

The current texture you see above is not final, but more or less the overall layout of the Team Plate.  It's rather basic, really, but given that this won't be scalable and because it's on a small object meant to match the style of the platform, I think it is alright.

This is the start of the emmisive I'm working on, but what I'm planning on doing with this is to make it look like the light is popping out from the Plate in the respective teams color.  Perhaps I may add a spot light coming from the light to add more to the atmosphere, but we'll see what happens when I start creating the material.

  -Weekday Meeting(s): 2 Hours
  -Weekend Development Session: 4 Hours
  -Team Plate Model: 1 Hour
  -Team Plate Textures: 2 Hours
  -Team Plate Emmisives: 1 Hour
Total Time: 10 Hours

  -Didn't take too long to create said assets, but I may go back to rework the diffuse textures for the plate.

  -I had to catch up on my assignments in other classes, such as Drexel History, so I wasn't able to get as much done as I could unlike prior weeks.
  -Family events over the weekend also took up much of my time.

Cory Zicolella PPJ 2/28 - 3/7

This week was really light as far as work goes; it was my birthday weekend and I might have let slip my workload a tiny bit too much, but also I had midterms and concerts to go to (The concerts are actually homework, I swear).  That being said, most of my time was put towards making the WIP edit for this week.

This time, it was alot less disaster filled than the last time.

Youtube Link to WIP

Other than that, we're working forward, motivated as ever, and there is ALOT of background work being done between everyone.  This week was short and to the point otherwise.

Cancelosi Feb 28 - March 7

This week we did a lot in terms of beautifying our game loop. First we created a little intro sequence that counts down and reveals the ball so it gives a time to take the scene in. I created a texture that highlights each ends of the arena when a goal is scored so that it is more obvious to the player. I also created a post process material that creates an outline of the ball even when it is occluded. This is all in hopes of improving quality of play and to help the player understand what is going on. I continued on sounds this week, but we are waiting on our sound guys for the last batch of sfx so that'll be continued into next week.

I reptopologized the energy pods for the ball,  so after everything is unwrapped I can start texturing. Right now it's not really a priority, most likely it'll be finished over Spring Break or the first week of post production.

wannabe lightsaber
ball occluded

Ball outline

Andrew DiNunzio PPJ 2/28 - 3/6

This week, I first worked on fixing the issue with the “dead ball”. It now ricochets off Arena shell.

I also implemented a countdown timer with Cancelosi and DiLucca. This just shows welcome text then an animated countdown before finally spawning the ball and saying "Go!".

I made it so tools can now be activated/deactivated.

Finally, I added a radial force when goal is scored to prevent ball from bouncing back into the net again (force pushes ball to the outside and out)

Time spent: Total: ~20 hours

  • 8 hours - work on fixing "dead ball"
  • 4 hours - worked on countdown timer and game initialization. Also added activation/deactivation support for Tools
  • 8 hours - Added radial force for when goal is scored to prevent it from bouncing back into net.

  • Ball doesn't "die" nearly as often
  • With countdown, game seems a bit more official, but needs work
  • Radial force after goal isn't always perfect and need some tinkering.