Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Team PPJ 3/8 - 3/14

There's not much new done this week. Beyond continual issues with our [REDACTED] submission, so as as result there's not much new to say that isn't just repeating myself.

  • Class cancelled gives us more time to troubleshoot [REDACTED]
  • Not much visual progress since last update.

Mike Cancelosi PPJ 3/8 - 3/14

This week was pretty light in terms of development. I ran a first pass of the ball texture. It kind of looks like aquaman colors, so I might wanna go back and mess with the color pallette, I also created an asset for the timer. Instead of numbers, its a circle of pips that countdown. Stefan said that it'd be easier to parse than numbers, and honestly it looks so much better.

Pros: Ball is complete-ish, just need to polish it in the next term
         Timer looks great
Cons: meh.

Hours spent : ~15

Daniel Ingman PPJ 3/8 - 3/14

This week, we continued to work on getting our game on Steam. Due to several instances of poor timing and conveniently absent team members, we had to push our release on [REDACTED] back several times. It's very frustrating, but all of us are first-timers when it comes to this kind of thing, so setbacks are expected. We were set to go live tonight, but again ran into technical difficulties. Thankfully, one of the many storm gods heard our howls of frustration and sent a storm to cancel classes.

We most certainly plan to be launched on [REDACTED] by the next time we present.

However, this week I didn't make much meaningful progress beyond prep for tomorrow's (now cancelled) presentation.

  • Honestly not a whole lot

  • [REDACTED] issues

Total time spent: 15 hours
  • Tool material refinements: 4 hours
  • Extra long meeting: 6 hours
  • [REDACTED] work: 2 hours
  • Beta presentation prep: 3 hours

Cory Zicolella PPJ, 3/8 - 3/14

This week I worked hard on a brand new Beta trailer edit, along with two version featuring the different tracks that our music industry majors have provided us with.  The first version with the usual beat won the popular vote, but I still dedicated time to making both were presentable.  I also went and got the mixed-reality trial render I did from a few weeks ago from my archives to give to the coding team as a demonstration.  And also █████ help when it was needed, despite my presence at concerts,

That was where all of my work this week; between finally getting this monster of a project out of the way, the entire time my roommate was really getting hyped looking at the footage, which lifted my spirits alot; he also gave me some good insight  that I will bring up at the next meeting.

Andrew DiNunzio PPJ 3/8 - 3/14

 This week, I worked with DiLucca and Cancelosi to fix the AI so it no longer swings like a "ninja". We also removed collisions with the platform, so the AI can aim more accurately (and with Cancelosi's occlusion effects it doesn't look bad).

Additionally, I fixed a bug where the AI would give up and stop playing if it missed a grab. I also added in a slight "reaction time" delay before grabbing, so it misses sometimes.

Finally, I created a Release branch that removed debug stuff and started getting ready for beta release.

Time spent: Total: ~8 hours

  • 1 hours - remove collision with platform while swinging
  • 3 hours - fix AI swinging like ninja
  • 3 hours - fix AI bugs and add "reaction" delay
  • 1 hours - Create release branch and remove debug stuff

  • Game is set to be ready for beta release next week
  • There is still a somewhat significant amount of work that needs to be done with the Ionizer Tool

Tyler Schacht PPJ 3/8 - 3/14

So, this week I spent most of my time stressing out over finals.  Not much to show here but I also spent multiple hours trying to get █████ information filled out and pressing out many of the problems I was facing...
Oh yeah, SHADOW CIRCUIT IS █████ ON █████!

Total Hours: 8 hours
- Trying to fix issues with █████ - 6 hours
- Driving through the beginning of the snowstorm to make sure we had a Vive to set up - 2 hours
- The white hairs I got from said driving - Timeless

Positives: We are so close to telling you about █████!  I also proved to my team that I will do anything within my power to make sure our game succeeds.

Negatives: So much swerving.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ryan Badurina PPJ: 3/8 - 3/14

Have a ever mentioned that I hate finals week?


Well, I hate finals week.

Back on topic, not much this week, as we got most of the major stuff done and finished in time for leaving Beta.  As such, I spent my time reimporting older assets (as I forgot to import the modular buildings into the project) and finalizing the assets for the Team Plates.  You say the texture layout from last week, so here are the current emmisive textures.

I had to create unique emmisive textures for each of the teams, as just having a pure circle as the emmisive area leads to the actual emmisive hiding the texture.  Took a bit of work as I had to select and inverse some selections, but it looks a lot better.

Looks pretty good for now, but I may go back to this in the future to make the letters on each of the logos stand out more.  I may need to add a light just to make it look like a spotlight, but I'll need to see what the others think.

  -Weekday Meeting(s): 1 Hours
  -Weekend Development Session: 5.5 Hours
  -Import / Reimport Assets:  1.5 Hours
  -Team Plate Materials: 1 Hour
  -Team Plate Emmisive Textures: 1 Hour
Total Time: 10 Hours

  -Assets are finished and ready for programming.  :)
  -Uhhhhh...  We're leaving Beta?  Just polishing from here on out.  Hopefully.

  -Finals, especially those due Week 10 and not Week 11.  Priorities.
  -Still don't know much about coding, so I can't code the plates properly for the Player Platform.