Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Team PPJ 4/11 - 4/18

This week, the DIGM team is back in the saddle in full swing. Several critical assets have received updates and attention that they sorely needed. We created some cyberpunk billboards for our outer city, the AI model gained a new, updated model, the UI is being rebuilt with Unreal 4.15's new functionality, the player platform material has been updated, and the transition between main menu and arena was improved. All in all, a productive week for the DIGM side.

The CCI side is focusing on documentation as well as performance updates. Since the transition to 4.15.1, we've noticed that our framerate took a serious dive. The DIGM and CCI side spent a good amount of time investigating this and hopefully we'll have it running at a silky-smooth 90fps by the time the showcase rolls around.

Here's a nice compilation of images from this week:


(ad space)


waffle man

choose your fighter

in russia, tv watches you

Going forward we'll be continuing to polish our art assets as well as address performance issues.

Also, if any of you senior project people are reading this, we're demoing our project at VR club tomorrow in the Mocap room, 9pm. Come try the game and fill out an exciting survey!

  • DIGM team was very productive this week
  • Exact causes of performance drops are still unclear

Daniel Ingman PPJ 4/11 - 4/18

This week, I spent time reworking the AI model. The AI model we currently have is nice and all, but some people on the team thought that it would benefit from a rework. I agreed for the most part, primarily because the head on the old model was a piece of garbage. The new model has a larger head with a large screen that will benefit from an animated face. I did recycle a few parts from the old model, but I deleted unnecessary objects in order to lower the polycount.


In addition to the AI model, the team and I spent time updating our gantt chart (which you don't need to see images of unless you'd like to fall asleep) as well as updating our promotional material. The poster has not yet had a rework since it was printed, but as the showcase draws near the poster will get a face lift.

Next week I plan to do a second pass on the AI model, as well as do a preliminary texture pass. As well, the team will rally and prepare our draft showcase materials.

Total time spent: 9 hours
  •  AI concept: 3 hours
  •  AI model: 4 hours
  • Gantt rework: 2 hours
  •  I did actual work
  • Our gantt chart looks pretty good
  • None this week

Cory Zicolella 4/11 - 418 PPJ

This week was super productive! After touching base duriong the meeting and listing off the major priorities and other things that should be completed, then prioritizing them, I decided to get to work plugging away at the environment art.  Specifically, the ads that will be seen on billboards (to help make it seem less empty in the midground) and on the actual stadium walls.

Once I got in a groove I sort of just kept going, and I almost wish I didn't have to stop because I was learning a few new techniques that I believe were pretty cool!

The first thing I did was make a rough model of the billboard.  It isn't the center of anyone's attention (the ad will be seen more prominently than the board itself) and it stands in the midground.  So I kept it simple:

After that, I moved onto make a sort of dystopian advertisement.  I still am not quite sure I hit the nail on the head, but I love the effects I managed to use.  Maybe with a bit of color tuning on the overall piece, it will look complete.  Or maybe A better (looking) worded tagline.

Following this, I did another new effect, this time less straightforward (I imagine this is either selling a prominent product everyone is aware of and thusly needs no context; think VW -- or it is a prominent star):

And the final one, which I am still unsure of the backing for, was a combination of many things, advertising a bike.  First, I'll show the vehicle standalone, then in it's background (for now):

I don't think the mix of vector + raster necessarily works in the (currently) final product, but it proved ddifficult to find good reference of a empty highway/ramp from this particular angle.  Of course, it is always changeable, and I think that if it is in the midground, it will fit in regardless -- I don't think people will be able to tell the difference from the arena.

So, with that being said, I made a goal of 4 ads to make this week.  I only hit three, but alot of it was trial and error (particularly for the bike ad), and some of it was just simply time consuming (I made the polygonal art of the girl by hand).  Despite this, I think I'll be able to make at least three more, and hopefully speed up the processes a bit.  I have plenty of ideas on various things to make, and I'm excited.  So, pretty good week.

Tyler Schacht 4/11-4/18 PPJ

This week I spent a good amount of time researching 3D widgets to find out that isn't exactly what I was looking for (guess I had pretty bad Google searches...).  I was actually looking for Widget Interaction Components.  I spent about an hour going through smaller things of what I can do with it.  Apparently you have to draw out the widget at 1080p if you want to view ALL of your buttons, text, etc., no exceptions.

I made some (very) quick mock-ups of potential new ways to do our main menu.  The previous one was sort of a temporary solution (unless we couldn't get 2D UI to work.. then it would've become permanent).

Total Hours: 4 hours
- (Useless) Research: 2 hours
- Mock-ups & Testing to see if the system works well: 2 hours

Positives: Finally did something, albeit minor.
Negatives: The work put in was minimal.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Ryan Badurina: 4/11 - 4/17 PPJ

These past few weeks have not been kind to me.  More family stuff, but at least my mom isn't in the hospital.

The team met this weekend to discuss the priorities we have for this term, one of them was regarding emmisive color changes to the various hero assets to differentiate the player from the opponent.  As such, I am currently looking into adding extra material nodes onto the hero assets so they will emit some team-based color emmisive depending on the team the player chooses.  I began with proper adjustments to the Player Platform Material, which has not been touched in possibly 2 terms.  This is the older one:

And this is the newer one.

I will hopefully be able to add more functionality for the coders in the future to change this emmisive color based on the team the player chose.  The emmisive path needs some if-statements or nodes to change the platform itself, otherwise it may need to be done using separate materials, which isn't too hard, but can be annoying in the future.

  -Online Meeting/GANTT Work:  1.5 Hours
  -Tuesday Meeting:  1.5 Hours (Couldn't stay for the whole thing, left early)
  -Player Platform Material Update:  2 Hour
  -Team Color Changing Research:  1 Hour

Total Time:  6 Hours

  -I have a clear path of tasks I need to do for the coming week or two.

  -All day Birthday Dinner as well as Easter Sunday took up much of my time this weekend.  Couldn't do as much as I would have liked.

Mike Cancelosi 4/11-4/18

This week I worked on the transition between the elevator scene and the arena. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to a Vive so I couldn't get my work all finished and tested, but the transition is set up to be finished in a short amount of time. What the transition entails is dissolving the elevator, then moving the platform forward into the dark arena, as the player enters, a hatch shuts behind him, the lights turn on dramatically, and the countdown begins.

Right now, I have the lights set up to turn on dramatically, and the spline set up to designate the track that the player moves on. I need to make the dissolving effect for the elevator and also make sure the player can move along the track without problems. So it's about half done.

Pros : Lights should look cool

Cons: Don't really know if anything works.

Hours : 7 hours