Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mike Cancelosi 4/18 - 4/24 PPJ

This week I was caught up with other things so unfortunately i didnt get much done. I did iterate on the lights in the arena, give them a dynamic glow effect.

Hours Spent : 5 hours

Pros : glow looks cool

Cons :  Very unproductive for this class this week.

Team PPJ 4/18 - 4/24

This week was another productive week (I'm going to have to think of a new way to start team PPJs). We started the week early with a playtest session hosted by Drexel's VR Club, in which we gained some valuable feedback and were able to observe new players jump into our game for the first time.

More work was done on our new main menu. A majority of this work was back-end functionality, as that's something that Tyler has been running into snags with. However, he's making good progress. Cory diligently continued to create promotional material to populate our background cityscape with, and I can tell he's having fun. Soon we'll have a large variety of colorful billboards to choose from. As well, we began the process of color-changing materials that will match the team you pick at the start of the game.

On the backend, the CCI team made good progress in performance improvements. We were able to discern unnecessary lights as the cause of performance issues, and a summary cleanup was able to swiftly fix those lights and restore a good measure of performance. While we're not quite up to a standard 90fps, we were able to get up to the range of 60 - 70fps on the lab computers, which is a big milestone. The CCI team has been diligently working on documentation (as always) to prepare for their Tuesday presentation.

All in all, a good week. Our current build is still unstable, but we're planning to push a new stable build out to Steam by the end of the week.

We also made some money off Steam, so uncork the champagne and bust out the fancy cigars

  • Large improvements in performance
  • Lots of visual progress
  • Current build still unstable

Daniel Ingman 4/18 - 4/24 PPJ

This week, I spent time working on the AI model and the subsequent textures. I plan to use substance painter to texture the AI character, but since I'm not familiar with the program I mostly watched tutorials in order to learn the basic functions and begin some preliminary tests. I'm giving myself one more week to learn the program, otherwise I'll be going back my standard texturing workflow.

Otherwise, the AI model is UV'd and ready for rigging, and this week I'll be handing off the task of rigging to another teammate.

Total time spent: 12 hours

  • AI model tweaks: 2 hours
  • AI model UVs: 2 hours
  • Substance Painter tutorials: 8 hours


  • Learning a new program is fun and exciting


  • Learning a new program is also time consuming

Monday, April 24, 2017

Tyler Schacht 4/18 - 4/24 PPJ

This week I spent a decent amount of time banging my head against a desk trying to figure out how to have multiple widgets to work together.  Basically, I want to have it so our options are on different monitors (so it works well in VR) and if one option is "clicked" the other options change if it was affected off of that click.

Blueprint to change just the teams (multiple function calls not shown)

Total Hours: 10 hours
- Coding / Searching: 8 hours
- Design: 2 hours

Positives: I was able to figure out most of the Widget situation.

Negatives: Due to how long it took me, I wasn't able to work on art for the main menu

Cory Zicolella 4/18 - 4/24 PPJ

This week I did plenty! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So I started out this week with doing more ad-work.  It was split between multiple days, but this is where I started.  Much the same processes as last time.

Following this, I did the trailer draft!

I also helped create the WIP for this week, and the CCI team on the side by searching through old footage and snagging good clips for gifs to use in our documentation.  Along with this, I organized the playtest data and exported it so the group had access.

So, all in all it was very busy, and I had much to do.  I'll let the work speak for itself this week.

Ryan Badurina: 4/18 - 4/24 PPJ

A lot of research is currently being done in terms of handling team colors and how selecting a team in he main menu will change the various assets to reflect those teams.  I polished up and created different Team Plate Assets that represent the three teams of our game (extremely simple job).

I've also been continue my team-color updates to various assets already in the game, like the goal.  While the physical goal is going to take a bit more time to work with because of the number of materials and textures on it, I did do work on the Goal Net and find a way to manipulate the color to match the selected team.

The original complex material for the net.

Add a simple multiply and vector, and viola!

In-game/in-editor effect.

The means of changing the color is there, not it's just a matter of programming the color to change based on the selected team.  There is still a lot of work ahead of us for this, and I'll continue helping with this until something else arises.

  -Presentation Polish: .5 Hours
  -Arena Goal Material Update: 1.5 Hours
  -Team Color Changing Research:  1 Hour
  -Team Plate Adjustments: .5 Hours

Total Time:  3.5 Hours

  -Steady progress is being made on the art side in making a more cohesive artistic approach.

  -Progress is rather slow as we figure out the best way to program team colors into the assets.  It may require direct manipulation of textures outside of the engine.