Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Team PPJ 4/25 - 5/2

In terms of productivity, this week was mixed. Some members of the DIGM side were more productive than others, but some experienced a notable lack of progress this week. Some were due to midterms and others were probably fighting aliens or something. Regardless, this week was subpar in terms of productivity.

Next week we plan to make an executive decision whether or not the ionizer will make it into our showcase build. If it's not feasible to include it then, we will be pushing its addition to a later date, post-graduation. There's enough code there that it could be an interesting mechanic, but there are still critical VFX and sound assets that need to be implemented in order to allow it to function properly in gameplay, and with much of the DIGM team hard at work on other high-priority fixes the fate of the ionizer looks grim. Tomorrow's meeting will be where we make our final call on the ionizer.

CCI-wise, there has been good progress. Performance is back up, documentation is being steadily produced (including a brand-new test document), and AI adjustments are being addressed.

We plan to partner with VR club in the next two weeks in order to gather more feedback.

  • Good work on the CCI side this week
  • Subpar work from the DIGM side this week

Tyler Schacht 4/25 - 5/2 PPJ

Not much to comment on at the moment.  Waiting for certain assets to be completed so I can further work on the main menu.  In the meantime I was looking up how to make better textures (not really helping tbh).

Total hours: 2 hours

Positives: Can't really say there was any.

Negatives: Spent time and it hasn't helped me in the slightest.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Ryan Badurina: 4/25 - 5/1 PPJ

Welp, midterms came around faster than I thought.  Back into the grinder.

My weekdays were spent working on assignments for other classes such as Digital Media Seminar and Social Problems, while I spent half of my weekend taking a much needed vacation away from school and away from Family problems.  I needed to clear my mind and become fully ready to finishing the last few weeks of the term.

I did look into the Goal Materials, and the naming structure is currently a mess, as it's difficult to tell where each material is and what it holds.  However, I was able to dissect some of the Goal Materials (which uses a few) and find the pieces that allow me to alter the color of the various parts.  I'm still trying to work with the inner goal material, but I was able to get the outer goal material ready for when we program team colors into the game.

Original Material.

Dissected Location for Team Color changing.

In level results.

Again, not too much progress on my end, unfortunately, but there is progress being made, and the goal looks a lot more pronounced that it had before.

  -Arena Goal Material Update: 4 Hours
  -Team Color Changing Research:  1 Hour

Total Time:  5 Hours

  -Steady progress is being made despite the business of the term.

  -Still busy as usual after f---ing up my credit count.  I blame Drexel for not being specific in regards to Co-op credits...

Mike Cancelosi 4/25 - 5/2 PPJ

This week I did nothing.  I feel bad.

Hours spent: 0


Daniel Ingman 4/25 - 5/2 PPJ

This week I didn't get a lot done. I continued exploring substance painter and I did make progress, but I had to re-UV the AI model in order to prepare it for an animated face texture and besides that it was slow progress on the textures themselves. In addition, I had a larger-than-usual amount of work from other classes this week which most definitely drained me of free time (that and Subnautica).

Next week I'll be pushing hard to finish and implement the textures for the AI and player tools.

Total time spent: 8
  • AI texture work: 2 hours
  • AI UV rework: 2 hours
  • Tool texture work: 4 hours
  • I got some work done

  • I felt very unproductive which ain't good for morale

Cory Zicolella 4/24 - 5/2 PPJ

This week I put my foot on the brakes slightly, as I had other work stacking up from the increase in production over the past couple weeks.  If my predictions are correct, all my other class work should start to taper off in another one or two weeks, allowing me more time to allocate towards the project.

That being said, this week I did alot of background work.  Firstly, I created the post on the Shadow Circuit game page, which took about an hour of my time to get the correct language and being able to fill in the gap of time where the team hasn't responded to those who have paid for the game.

Following this, I did alot of work researching the possibilities of screen printers for shirts, when it comes time for that.  Better to get the research and decisions in earlier, rather than later, and leave time for shipping.  That took three hours and I made a spreadsheet of it all for internal use.

Then, the last thing I did was I created one more ad, using a combination of new media and old matte paintings from around week 2 of term 1.

Even though I know I did less this week, I still felt productive, and I think that's important to keep morale high and productivity going through these last several weeks.