Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Team PPJ: 5/2 - 5/9

A common theme this week amongst the DIGMs was that of midterms. It was week 5 so it was to be expected but yeah, that's a big thing that happened. It meant that people who were usually more productive found themselves a bit less so than usual.

What did get done was good work though. We had been having issues with the collisions between the ball and the arena, and we were able to work out a slightly jankytm solution that ended up taking care of that issue. In a related area, a couple CCI members worked on adjusting the physics of these collisions in order to prevent dead balls.

A large amount of billboards for the outer environment were made and implements and they just look darn good. As well, the textures for the AI and tools are near complete.

We were able to get in touch with and meet our sound dudes, and they are on board with our timeline and should have some more sound effects in the next couple of weeks.

Overall, a slower week than usual. However this week is going to be a busy one in order to make sure we have good stuff to show to the faculty.

  • Moderately productive
  • Sound dudes on board
  • Midterms

Daniel Ingman: 5/2 - 5/9 PPJ

This week I continued work on the AI and tool models. However, I was severely hampered by a large amount of work from other classes. Therefore, I'm still not finished with them and will be using the next week to get everything ready for implementation.

As well, I looked into the creation of an animated texture for our AI robot's face, but didn't get very far. Initial experiments are promising and I think I'll be able to get something cool in the next couple of weeks.

I also met with our sound people on Sunday and caught them up to speed. They said they should have some good stuff in a couple weeks, which is convenient because that's about all the time we can really afford.

Also I talked with the head of VR club about finding a solution for capturing mixed reality, which is definitely a big thing since it means we won't have to show shaky headcam anymore.

Total time spent: 9 hours
  • AI texture: 2 hours
  • Tool texture: 2 hours
  • Showcase presentation work: 3 hours
  • Animated texture explorations: 2 hours
  • Moderately productive this week
  • Sound dudes back on the track yo
  • Midterms/Papers ('tis the season)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Tyler Schacht: 5/2 - 5/9 PPJ

This week I worked on fixing up the collisions of the arena.  Since the beginning of the project we have been generating the collisions for the capsule by using the mesh and converting every face to be a collision surface.  We used the "Complex as Simple" option in UE4.  For better results, I created a bunch of convex shapes that border the capsule.  By doing this the game should have a better grasp with collisions.

Total hours: 2 hours

Positives: We now have a much better way of collisions.  Plus, I learned that this is a much better system for calculating collisions

Negatives: I didn't work on the goal as I intended.

Mike Cancelosi: 5/2 - 5/9 PPJ

This week I worked on developing an alpha for the billboards to switch between multiple advertisements. It isn't currently implemented, but as Cory is just about to finish all the advertisements, it should be shortly. I also began texturing the lights that going around the stadium, but they are very preliminary.

Hours Spent : 5
 Pros: Billboards should look real nice when they are implemented
Cons: Been caught up with other classes and work, havent dedicated as much time as  I would have liked this term.

Cory Zicolella: 5/2 - 5/9 PPJ

*claps hands* This week was all about actually getting those ads onto the billboard I made weeks ago.  This proved harder to do than anticipated, largely because the billboards and art I made weren't scalable in a uniform fashion.  It is a lesson learned, and next time I will think ahead so this issue isn't run into again.  I also ran into an issue where Maya wasn't cooperating,  so I had to take time to troubleshoot that; luckily, it is fixed.

Had I made uniform canvases for the ads in Photoshop the corresponded to the UVs of the billboard, I wouldn't have to extend the art because the edges of what I made would reach the edge of the UVs.  Alas, this was not the case, and so all of my time was devoted to making these ads somewhat presentable on the billboard, mostly because this week I also had midterms which ate up alot of previous project time I had.

*Note:  All billboards will be placed somewhere in the mid ground, not front and center.  Some ads are meant to be placed on the stadium walls, closer to the player.  I'll be tackling that next.  These are also alot darker than they'll appear in game.

I plan to extend the LED effect on this one to the yellow edges, I just wanted to get the others done as priority,

Ryan Badurina: 5/2 - 5/9 PPJ

I'll be honest.  This week was chaotic.

Midterms happened with many of my classes, some in person and some online, some in the form of project-based homework, so all of my time was spent in other classes rather than with Senior Project.  I was able to work with my teammates on some presentation work, but that is about it.

Side Note: Creating locomotion animations for game engines is VERY time consuming.

  -Showcase Presentation Draft: 2 Hours

Time I would have wanted to spend:
  -Asset Material Updates: 3 Hours
  -Code Team Color Changing to Objects: 4 Hours

Total Projected Time: 9 Hours
Total Actual Time:  2 Hours


  -Midterms.  Nuf' said.