Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Team PPJ: 5/9 - 5/16

This week was a pretty productive week all around. Our biggest priority was nailing down a better way to capture footage of our game that doesn't involve shaky headcam. Spoiler alert: this is pretty damn hard to do and there's practically no resources on how to do it. We're pretty sure we've arrived at a solution using Unreal's sequencer tool, which is usually used to record cutscenes/cinematics (but we could easily repurpose it for our needs).

On the coding side, an "easy mode" AI was created in order to allow the player to select difficulty levels, and it's now possible to score against him as he won't grab the ball %100 of the time. The main menu also got some work done, and it's coming along nicely.

Going forward we'll be working full time on recording gameplay footage and people actually playing our game in the Vive in order to deliver the best presentation we can.

  • Good work done
  • Didn't have sequencer solution figured out in time for the presentation

Daniel Ingman PPJ: 5/9 - 5/16

This week I got a good amount done on the tool and AI textures. They'll be ready for implementation this week (at long last). The only thing that needs doing is a finishing touch of corporate branding. I have set up a material in UE4 that will allow me to swap out differing detail maps while keeping much of the base texture the same.

All the maps I export

In addition, I spent quality time with the team tuning up our presentation and prepping it for launch. We've taken a lot of good criticism to heart and while it's still rough we think we'll have a good thing to show the faculty.

Overall, a productive week.

Total time spent: 10 hours
  • AI Texture: 4 hours
  • Tool Texture: 4 hours
  • Presentation work: 2 hours
  • Good, productive work.
  • A massive paper from another class is looming.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cory Zicolella PPJ: 5/9 - 5/16

This week was more focused on the presentation on my end.  I've had a rather heavy workload from my other classes, so I've had to pay more attention to them lately.

That being said, I started organizing everything having to do with ordering our shirts, as well as helped edit the WIP video.  I started re-cutting from that same footage to create a new backer for our website, but I realized what I was given was a debug recording and after I'd spent some time on it I realized it would be better to wait until I had non-debug footage that looks like it didn't emerge out of our garage of tricks.  I also plan to create gifs once I get similar footage.

We also spent a few hours art-side going over the presentation, the notes from last week, and tuning up our showcase stuff.  It still needs work and updates, but it should overall be an improvement from last week.

Moving forward, I plan to create iterations of our final trailer for the showcase and help anywhere else as much as I can.

Tyler Schacht PPJ: 5/9 - 5/16

This week has been rough.  Most of my classes have a lot of larger scale projects due this week.  I never feel like I have enough time.  I was working on the main menu scene just kind of blocking out where things should go in UE4 and then I have started some extremely beginning phases of needed geometry.  Then as a team we fixed up and rehearsed our Showcase slides.

Total hours: 3
- Main menu: 1
- Slide Rehearsal: 2

Positives: Nothing really positive to report

Negative: I feel myself slowing down because of all of my other classes.

Ryan Badurina PPJ: 5/9 - 5/16

A lot of work done, yet in the end UE4 f---s me over.

So, after much debate, we needed to find ways of recording in-game footage without using the Player Camera.  I was able to record the actions of the "Actors" of the scene using the Sequence Recorder and effectively create a "Replay" of the gameplay for use in cutscenes.  For our case, we would use this feature to get real-time gameplay from camera angles other than the player, something we were hit with in the past.

Unfortunately, I spent much of the past two days trying to get the recording to work, yet Unreal isn't linking the cinematic camera as the main output camera.  Sometimes when I try to capture video the engine crashes, and the most recent crash actually corrupted the project, pushing my work back and forcing me to delete it for redownload from the server.  If I had proper images to help convey my progress I would, but unfortunately the crashes removed much of my progress of what I hoped to accomplish.

  -Record Gameplay with Sequencer: 1 Hour
  -Edit Recorded Gameplay for Export: 4 Hours
  -Attempt to Export Gameplay to video file: 3 Hours
  -Presentation Work and Rehearsal:  2 Hours

Total Time: 10 Hours

  -We have a means of recording in-game footage without using the player camera.

  -Sequencer hates me for trying to render out stuff it doesn't like and crashed my project in the process.  Set back until I'm able to properly record footage.

Mike Cancelosi PPJ: 5/9 - 5/16

This week I started final textures for some arena assets, like the spiral and lights. Unfortunately I don't have pictures on this computer, I'll upload them when I can.

Hours Spent : 8 hrs

Pros: It's looking good!
Cons: Spent a little too much time trying to match the color scheme.